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You really need Community Media, and this is why


It is universally acknowledged, at least within western liberal democracies, that freedom of expression is an essential component of the society. Every kind of opinion is welcomed as far as it does not violate the rights of third parties. As democracy is all about dialogue and debating and involving the whole of the society in decision-making, what people think is the most important part of all. And whether we like it or not, the media shape the way we think.

We live in a world where people constantly comment on the fact that the media in our days have been more influencing than they have ever been before. It is said that their importance is so great, that it actually breaks the trias politica principle and emerges as the 4th power. We get to know what is going on around the world through the media, whereas this could be a magazine, newspaper, radio, television or the newest version of getting informed; the web. If one considers the fact that a happening can be delivered in so many different ways, through so many different points of view, simply because our world is not just black and white, then the role of the media is crucial. What we are actually reading, watching or listening to is in one way or another news through somebody else’s point of view.

So it seems like the media have a lot or even too much power in their hands. Especially when someone considers that the opinion of a whole society is shaped by entities that have never been democratically elected, and there was never a debate on whether they are indeed capable of delivering news, then the whole issue becomes even more complicated. What I am trying to point out here is that more often and most easily than we think, citizens are influenced by media which in their turn might serve interests of third parties even if such interests are conflicting those of the citizens. This doesn’t mean that all media are like this of course and most importantly we should not confuse bias with serving someone else’s interest. Every opinion is biased simply because it’s personal. What my point is that we cannot control the extend to which this occurs. But it’s happening, I know it, you know it, but quite frankly there isn’t much we can do about it.

Or there might be something. This is listening and generally getting yourselves involved to community media. Community media serve as a platform of exchange of ideas and opinions between the citizens of the community. It should be highlighted that nowadays, thanks to the internet, a community cannot only be defined by geographical means  but by others such as ethnic, political and so on. The nature of community media is clearly one of non-profit, thus eliminating further the danger of having the interests of third parties prioritized over to the interests of the citizens. Community media are operated in the community, for the community about and most importantly by the community. Thus it is a clear reflection of the needs of the community that it operates to.

Now, as far as Cyprus is concerned, Community Media are present in our littler island thanks to MYCY Radio which is managed by the NGO Cyprus Community Media Centre and is the only web multilingual radio in Cyprus. Being an example of community media, it gives the chance to people from all different backgrounds, amateurs and professionals to raise their voice on issues that concern not only themselves but also fellow citizens. MYCY Radio is a place where you know that what you’re listening to, represents merely the opinion of the person involved. Transparency is something that the Cypriot society desperately needs as we are now for good into the 21st century and MYCY Radio can offer that. It is a place where everyone can get him/herself involved in a dialogue which will serve as a mean for improvement in our community.

Support your local Community Media!



As MYCYradio does not run ads in order to remain community-focused, a Bingo fundraising event is being organized with our friends at Brickyard. Being there is of crucial importance. It is not about supporting another NGO. It is about securing that a platform that will give you the chance to speak up and demand or question things will be there whenever you need it to. The work that has been done so far is great, and you can actually listen to it by visiting MYCY Radio’s website: http://mycyradio.eu/

You are all welcome to join us, have fun, enjoy the night with DJs, drinks and food, and at the same time help raise funds for the station, in order to help it remain alive and vibrant and to continue meeting its cause! MYCY Radio needs us as much as we do!

Marita is 18 years old and will graduate from high school in June 2016. She is interested in current affairs, debate, journalism as well as dance and music. She is currently an intern at Cyprus Community Media Centre.

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ØŸ †˙´ Ǩßπ øƒ Ç˙埩´¿ ˜´∂flå Ï®´´∂øμ åŸ∂ Π¬¨®å¬flßμ flŸ Ç¥π®¨ß


ÈŸ åŸ flŸç®´åßflŸ©¬¥ ©¬ø∫å¬flß´∂ flŸƒø®μå†fløŸ ´Ÿ√fl®øŸμ´Ÿ†≤ Σfl†˙ †˙´ π®´√嬴Ÿç´
øƒ 쨬†flπ¬´ ç˙域´¬ß øƒ çøμμ¨Ÿflçå†fløŸ≤ †˙´ μ´∂flå π¬å¥ å 箨çflå¬ ®ø¬´ flŸ
´Ÿçø¨®å©flŸ© ø® ®´∂¨çflŸ© †˙´ flŸƒ¬¨´Ÿç´ øƒ çøŸƒ¬flç† øŸ ßøçfl´†fl´ß≥ ´紟†
˙fl߆ø®¥ †˙®øΣß ¨π ´Ÿø¨©˙ ´≈åμπ¬´ß øƒ †˙´ Ÿ´©å†fl√´ ¨ß´ øƒ μ´∂flå≤ ƒ®øμ †˙´
flŸçfl†´μ´Ÿ† øƒ ´†˙Ÿflç ˙冮´∂ åç®øßß †˙´ ÂΣåŸ∂åŸ åfl®Σå√´ß çøŸ†®fl∫¨†flŸ© †ø ©
´Ÿøçfl∂´ flŸ ¡ªª¢≤ †ø åfl∂flŸ© †˙´ π®øπå©åŸ∂å μåç˙flŸ´ øƒ ͬø∫ø∂åŸ ˜fl¬øß´√flç≤
åŸ∂ ƒ¨´¬¬flŸ© çøŸƒ¬flç† flŸ †˙´ ı嬰åŸß≥
Íøμ´†flμ´ß ƒø®©ø††´Ÿ≤ çøŸƒ¬flç† çøŸ†flŸ¨´ß Σfl†˙flŸ †˙´ ‰¨®øπ´åŸ ËŸfløŸςß ·
‰Ë‚ øΣŸ ∫ø®∂´®ß≥ Ê˙´ øŸ©øflŸ© Ç¥π®¨ß Π®ø∫¬´μ flß π¬åçflŸ© å∂∂fl†fløŸå¬ ∫å®®fl´®ß
†ø ´ƒƒ´ç†fl√´ çøμμ¨Ÿflçå†fløŸ åŸ∂ flŸƒø®μå†fløŸ ´≈ç˙埩´ ∫´†Σ´´Ÿ †˙´ fl߬åŸ∂ςß Ì®
´´° Ç¥π®flø† åŸ∂ ʨ®°flß˙ Ç¥π®flø† çøμμ¨Ÿfl†fl´ß≥ Ê˙´ ∂øμflŸåŸ† Ÿå®®å†fl√´ß øŸ †˙´
çøŸƒ¬flç†≤ π´®√åßfl√´ Σfl†˙flŸ ´åç˙ çøμμ¨Ÿfl†¥≤ ˙å√´ ˙å∂ †˙´ ´ƒƒ´ç† øƒ
μ宩flŸå¬flßflŸ© √øflç´ß åŸ∂ øπflŸfløŸß †˙å† ßπ´å° øƒ Ç¥π®¨ß flŸ fl†ß ´Ÿ†fl®´†¥≤ åß
Σ´¬¬ åß flßߨ´ß øƒ ®´¬´√åŸç´ †ø 嬬 çøμμ¨Ÿfl†fl´ß øŸ †˙´ fl߬åŸ∂≥
Ê˙´ Ÿ´©å†fl√´ ®´π´®ç¨ßßfløŸß ƒø® μ´∂flå ƒ®´´∂øμ åŸ∂ μ´∂flå 𬨮å¬flßμ å®´
ø∫√flø¨ß≥ Ïø® †˙´ μ´∂flå †ø ƒ¨¬ƒfl¬ fl†ß ®ø¬´ flŸ ¨π˙ø¬∂flŸ© å ∂´μøç®å†flç ßøçfl´†¥
– Σ˙´®´ ƒåfl® åŸ∂ åç種冴 ®´πø®†flŸ© çåŸ π®ø√fl∂´ çfl†flΩ´Ÿß Σfl†˙ †˙´ Ÿ´ç´ßß宥
†øø¬ß åŸ∂ åçç´ßß †ø flŸƒø®μå†fløŸ ®´oe¨fl®´∂ †ø μå°´ flŸƒø®μ´∂ ∂´çflßfløŸß –
çøŸ∂fl†fløŸß ƒø® μ´∂flå 𬨮å¬flßμ åŸ∂ ƒ®´´∂øμ øƒ ´≈π®´ßßfløŸ μ¨ß† ∫´ ´ß†å∫¬flß˙
´∂ ƒø® å ∂fl√´®ßfl†¥ øƒ √øflç´ß †ø ´Ÿ®flç˙ ∂´∫冴 åŸ∂ åç種冴¬¥ ®´ƒ¬´ç† 嬬 ß
´©μ´Ÿ†ß øƒ †˙´ πøπ¨¬å†fløŸ≥
Ê˙´ ç®´å†fløŸ øƒ å çøμμøŸ μ´∂flå π¬å†ƒø®μ flŸ Ç¥π®¨ß ˙åß †˙´ πø†´Ÿ†flå¬ †ø åç†
åß å ƒø¨Ÿ∂å†fløŸ ƒø® ´ß†å∫¬flß˙flŸ© †˙´ çøŸ∂fl†fløŸß ƒø® μ´∂flå ƒ®´´∂øμ åŸ∂
𬨮å¬flßμ flŸ Ç¥π®¨ß flŸ †˙´ flŸ†´®flμ π´®flø∂ ∫´ƒø®´ å ßø¬¨†fløŸ flß åç˙fl´√´∂≥ Ȇ
Σfl¬¬ ®´oe¨fl®´ π宆flçflπå†fløŸ åŸ∂ ßfl©Ÿflƒflç埆 flŸ√´ß†μ´Ÿ†≤ ∫ø†˙ ˙¨μåŸ åŸ∂
ƒflŸåŸçflå¬≤ ƒ®øμ 嬬 ߆尴˙ø¬∂´®ß Σfl†˙ åŸ flŸ†´®´ß† flŸ ∫®flŸ©flŸ© †˙´ †Σø
çøμμ¨Ÿfl†fl´ß †ø©´†˙´®≥
„fl†˙ †˙´ ®´ß¨μπ†fløŸ øƒ Ÿ´©ø†flå†fløŸß ¬å߆ Σ´´° ∫´†Σ´´Ÿ †˙´ ¬´å∂´®ß˙flπß øƒ †˙
´ †Σø çøμμ¨Ÿfl†fl´ß≤ fl† flß flμπø®†åŸ† †ø ®´ç嬬 †˙´ μåflŸ ®´çøμμ´Ÿ∂å†fløŸß ƒ®øμ
†˙´ €º¡€ ®´πø®† Å Πø†´Ÿ†flå¬ ËŸ†åππ´∂Ú ˜´∂flå „ø®°flŸ© Êø©´†˙´® åç®øßß †˙´
Îfl√fl∂´≤ 嬬 †˙®´´ øƒ Σ˙flç˙ å®´ øƒ °´¥ ®´¬´√åŸç´ †ø †˙´ π®øμø†fløŸ øƒ μ´∂flå
ƒ®´´∂øμ åŸ∂ 𬨮å¬flßμ flŸ Ç¥π®¨ßÚ
¡≥ ͆®´Ÿ©†˙´ŸflŸ© †˙´ ¬flŸ°ß ∫´†Σ´´Ÿ μ´∂flå åŸ∂ ∂´μøç®åç¥ flŸ Ç¥π®¨ß Σfl¬¬
flμπ®ø√´ †˙´ oe¨å¬fl†¥ øƒ åçç´ßß †ø μ´∂flå Σ˙flç˙ flß ç®¨çflå¬ †ø ߆®´Ÿ©†˙´ŸflŸ© ¬
´√´¬ß øƒ μ´∂flå ¬fl†´®åç¥≤ åß Σ´¬¬ åß †˙´ çåπå∫fl¬fl†fl´ß øƒ Ç¥π®flø†ß †ø çøŸŸ´ç†
Σfl†˙ ´åç˙ ø†˙´®≥ ˜ø®´ø√´®≤ Çøμμ¨Ÿfl†¥ ˜´∂flå ß˙ø¨¬∂ ∫´ ®´çø©Ÿflß´∂ åŸ∂ ߨππø®†
´∂ åß å ∂fl߆flŸç† †˙fl®∂ ß´ç†ø® flŸ †˙´ Ç¥π®¨ß μ´∂flå ¬åŸ∂ßçåπ´≤ åß fl† çåŸ ß´®√
´ åß åŸ ´≈åμπ¬´ †øΣå®∂ß π®ø∂¨çflŸ© çøŸ†´Ÿ† †˙å† ®´ßπ´ç†ß †˙´ π®flŸçflπ¬´ß øƒ
∂fl√´®ßfl†¥ åŸ∂ 쨬†fl稬†¨®å¬flßμ≥
€≥ Ç®´å†flŸ© å √flßfløŸ ƒø® åŸ flŸ†´©®å†´∂ μ´∂flå ¬åŸ∂ßçåπ´ flŸ Ç¥π®¨ß≤ ߆宆flŸ©
Σfl†˙ †˙´ ´ß†å∫¬flß˙μ´Ÿ† øƒ å ßπ´çflå¬flß´∂ Å∂√flßø®¥ Çøμμfl††´´ †åß°´∂ Σfl†˙
Σø®°flŸ© øŸ μ´∂flå πø¬flç¥ åŸ∂ †˙´ ¬´©fl߬å†fl√´ ƒ®åμ´Σø®° ƒø® μ´∂flå Σfl†˙flŸ å ®
´¨Ÿflƒfl´∂ Ç¥π®¨ß≥ „ø®° ß˙ø¨¬∂ ߆宆 †øΣå®∂ß †˙´ ç®´å†fløŸ øƒ å 쨬†fl¬flŸ©¨å¬
åŸ∂ 쨬†fl稬†¨®å¬ fl߬åŸ∂Σfl∂´ ∫®øå∂çå߆´®≤ μø∂´¬¬´∂ øŸ ÅÂʉ Ê◊ ´ß†å∫¬flß˙´∂ ∫
¥ Ï®åŸç´ åŸ∂ Ì´®μ埥≤ åŸ∂ ߆´πß ß˙ø¨¬∂ ∫´ †å°´Ÿ †ø flμπ®ø√´ åçç´ßß †ø
øƒƒflçflå¬ ∂øç¨μ´Ÿ†å†fløŸ ƒø® ∫ø†˙ Ì®´´° Ç¥π®flø† åŸ∂ ʨ®°flß˙ Ç¥π®flø†
Δø¨®Ÿå¬fl߆ß≤ flŸ ¬flŸ´ Σfl†˙ †˙´ π®flŸçflπ¬´ß ß´† ø¨† ∫¥ †˙´ Øπ´Ÿ Ç¥π®¨ß
#≥ ‰Ÿçø¨®å©´ μ´∂flå çø¬¬å∫ø®å†fløŸ øŸ å π®øƒ´ßßfløŸå¬ ∫åßflß≤ Σ˙´®´∫¥
Δø¨®Ÿå¬fl߆ßς ø®©åŸflßå†fløŸß≤ μ´∂flå ∂fl®´ç†ø®ß≤ åŸ∂ ´∂fl†ø®ß–flŸ–ç˙fl´ƒ åç†fl√´¬¥
μø†fl√冴 †˙´fl® ߆僃 †ø Σø®° Σfl†˙ çø¬¬´å©¨´ß ƒ®øμ †˙´ ø†˙´® çøμμ¨Ÿfl†¥≥ ÈŸ†
´®Ÿå†fløŸå¬ ø®©åŸflßå†fløŸß Σfl†˙ åŸ flŸ†´®´ß† flŸ ߨππø®†flŸ© †˙flß π®øç´ßß øƒ flŸ†
´©®å†fløŸ≤ flŸç¬¨∂flŸ© †˙´ ËŸfl†´∂ ˆå†fløŸß≤ †˙´ ‰¨®øπ´åŸ ËŸfløŸ åŸ∂ †˙´ Çø¨Ÿçfl¬
øƒ ‰¨®øπ´≤ ß˙ø¨¬∂ å¬ßø πå¥ å††´Ÿ†fløŸ †ø Σø®° å¬øŸ© πå®åμ´†´®ß †˙å† ´Ÿçø¨®å©
´ ßø¬fl∂ åŸ∂ ߨ߆åflŸå∫¬´ π宆Ÿ´®ß˙flπß≥
Decode the article on http://www.altphabet.org/?art=ccmc01

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Cypriot athletes join CCMC in tackling racism in sport

We’re excited to announce that tomorrow will see the start of a Media Against Racism in Sport (MARS) four-day encounter at the Cyprus Community Media Centre. Paralympian Gold Medallist Karolina Pelendritou and footballer Coskun Ulusoy are supporting the event, which starts on Wednesday 25 January and is organised in partnership with the Council of Europe (CoE) and the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE). The aim of the programme is to promote the inclusion of the principles of non-discrimination and diversity as an ongoing angle of media coverage. Organised within the framework of the joint CoE / European Union MARS – Media Against Racism in Sport – programme, this encounter will focus on sport related issues. The issue of racism in sport has made headlines across Europe in recent months following incidents involving high-profile football players in England’s Barclays Premier League. “The cases of Luis Suarez and John Terry have highlighted the importance of understanding the nature and prevalence of racism in sport”, said Michalis Simopoulos, local coordinator of the encounter. “By encouraging professional collaboration with media actors and the exchange of media practices, CCMC hopes to enhance a diversity of perspectives and topics dealt with by the media”. The MARS Programme is a follow-up action to the 2008 – 2010 CoE “Speak out Against Discrimination” campaign. “We believe that an inclusive information environment is crucial for achieving effective social cohesion and participation in democratic life”, said Reynald Blion, MARS programme manager. “Working with media partners at the European and national levels is a strategy that we believe can influence public opinion vis-à-vis diversity and intercultural issues”. For more information on the MARS Programme, please visit: http://www.coe.int/mars.

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Collaboration in Media: two day conference 23 and 24 June 2011

cmiimageThe Collaborative Media Initiative (CMI) is organising a two-day conference entitled ‘Collaboration in Media: Sharing experiences, Paving the way for the future in Cyprus’, on 23-24 June 2011, at the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone. The conference, to be inaugurated by Lisa Buttenheim, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Cyprus, aims to strengthen dialogue on innovative approaches to media collaboration, and offer interim solutions for the future of media in Cyprus. Conference proceedings will be in English, with simultaneous translation to Greek and Turkish. Download the flyer in English, Greek and Turkish.

*** Το Πρόγραμμα Συνεργασίας ΜΜΕ (CMI) διοργανώνει ένα δυήμερο συνέδριο στις 23-24 Ιουνίου 2011 στο Σπίτι της Συνεργασίας στη Λευκωσία, με θέμα ‘Συνεργασία στα ΜΜΕ: Ανταλλάζουμε Εμπειρίες και Προετοιμάζουμε το Έδαφος για το Μέλλον στην Κύπρο’. Την έναρξη του συνεδρίου θα κυρήξει η κα. Λίσα Μπούτενχαιμ, Ειδική Αντιπρόσωπος του Γενικού Γραμματέα ΟΗΕ στην Κύπρο. Το συνέδριο έχει ως κύριο στόχο να ενισχύσει τον διάλογο για καινοτόμες προσεγγίσεις στη συνεργασία των Μέσων, και να προσφέρει μεταβατικές λύσεις για μελλοντικές δράσεις στο χώρο των ΜΜΕ στην Κύπρο. Η εκδήλωση θα πραγματοποιηθεί στην Aγγλική γλώσσα, με ταυτόχρονη μετάφραση στα Ελληνικά και Αγγλικά.

*** Ortak Medya İnisiyatifi (CMI), ‘Medyada İşbirliği: Tecrübelerin Paylaşmı, Kıbrıs’ın Geleceği İçin Zemin Hazırlama’ başlıklı iki günlük bir konferans düzenliyor. 23-24 Haziran 2011 tarihlerinde, Lefkoşa Ara Bölge’deki Dayanışma Evi’nde gerçekleşecek olan konferansın açılışını BM Genel Sekreteri Kıbrıs Özel Temsilcisi Lisa Buttenheim yapacak. Konferansın başlıca amacı, medya işbirliğine yenilikçi yaklaşımın diyaloğunu güçlendirmek ve gelecekte atılacak adımlar için geçici çözümler sunmaktır. İngilizce yapılacak konferansta Yunanca ve Türkçe simultane çeviri sağlanacaktır.

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The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) continues its efforts to empower and support local civil society organisations island-wide, through the launch of its new training schedule.

The trainings cover a range of topics aiming to assist Cypriot civil society organisations with their media skills and communications with the public. These workshops are part of CCMC’s mission to support civil society on the island. By attending these trainings our members can empower themselves with the skills and confidence to be even more effective in their work.

All sessions will take place at CCMC’s Community Space. The premises are on the grounds of Ledra Palace, Nicosia, making it accessible to all the communities of the island. Training is conducted in English, with Greek and Turkish speakers providing language support throughout. The full list of workshops is as follows:

  • 3 November 2010: Planning a Successful Event
  • 11 November 2010: Basic Invitation Design
  • 24 November 2010: Strategic Communications
  • 30 November 2010: How to: Podcast
  • 3, 4, 5 December 2010: Digital Storytelling
  • 7 December 2010: Blogging
  • 19 January 2011: Working with the Media
  • 22 January 2011: Media Crisis Management
  • 2 and 3 February 2011: Video Production
  • 16 and 17 February 2011: Video Editing

Registration is necessary and open to civil society organisations, NGOs, and individuals working on multicultural or inter-communal activities, with priority given to CCMC’s members.

All sessions are free of charge.

To read full details about the workshops, please download the brochure here and register online here.

For more information please visit: www.cypruscommunitymedia.org

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