Media downloads

Click here to download high-resolution photos or media for CCMC material, articles, press releases and posts:

For photos of the Rainbow Human Library event on LGBT issues, which took place on the 18 May 2012, please click here. 

2 thoughts on “Media downloads

  1. cihan BORAK says:

    Dear Responsibility,

    My name is Cihan Borak , I am living in the Germany/Mannheim, I am writting my doctor tittel in the Universite of the Siegen, My thesis is Cyprus Conflict , Until now I have always need information about this conflict, now I need some informations abnout 1960 until 1980s interview of the newspaper and articels. If you are give supporting to my thesis I can only say thank you. If you say our helping only with costing ,I want to take information how is it costing all of the your supporting.

    Best Regards

    Cihan BORAK Germany

  2. Aileen says:

    Looking for this article: Where is it now?

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