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Need an Incentive? Check out our Awards for Media Collaboration!

The summer is well and truly over!

Following hot on the heels of the launch of Make Media 2012 CCMC is taking another bold step towards promoting deeper collaboration between the media across the divide with the launch of its groundbreaking Incentive Awards for Media Collaboration.

Many of you will remember, or will have been involved in, the Collaborative Media Initiative, or CMI for short, a project run under the auspices of CCMC. Well, the final report entitled “A Potential Untapped: Media Working Together across the Divide in Cyprus” (read the whole report on our issuu account) recommended that CCMC continue its work in promoting professional collaboration between the media in Cyprus, as well as position itself strategically as a ‘first point of call’ for all interested in working with colleagues based across the divide.

And we listened! The Incentive Awards aims to promote professional collaboration between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot media and encourage the emergence of a public media space for common use for all Cypriots, and CCMC is inviting proposals to be submitted for Awards in the following categories:

Institutional Collaboration: which establish partnerships between media outlets across the divide

Television Production: for the coproduction of public service announcements and other short-length co-productions on issues of relevance to all Cypriots

Radio Production: for radio stations and radio journalists to produce audio programmes on five assigned thematic areas

Print Journalism: print article proposals that will facilitate investigative reporting and research

Online Media: for the creation of web-based forums for information exchange and the sharing of opinions across the divide.

Help us spread the word, and encourage potential applicants to read the Terms and Conditions and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. Both documents are available here. The total budget we have earmarked for the Incentive Awards is €15,000, and we are accepting applications in English, Greek or Turkish.

We’ve set a deadline for submission of the EOI forms on 30 September 2012.

We are waiting to hear from you!

CCMC running training in Limassol Community Space

CCMC likes to get out and about, connecting with all parts of the island. Today we are in Limassol, providing WordPress for Websites training for our member organisations Terra Cypria and the Environmental Studies Centre of Kritou Terra. The functions we are helping with are installing WordPress, choosing themes, creating menus, adding plugins, working with a multilingual website, and much more! Stay connected to CCMC and find out about upcoming training by subscribing to our newsletter here. 

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#cy2012eublogs – Join the Virtual Hangout with European bloggers at CCMC!

We did say it would happen. So here’s the plan:

With the awesome experience of Buffer Zone Bloggers in mind, CCMC is organising a live-link up with the Council of the European Union to connect Cyprus-based bloggers and online activists with European counterparts participating in an event under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the EU (see previous blog post).

On Thursday 26 July, from 11am to 1pm, the CCMC Community Space will be open for online activists to ‘hang out’ with the bloggers in Brussels through four ‘Google Hangouts’ (

The four discussions will be structured around the thematic priorities of the Presidency:

– Europe, more efficient and sustainable;
– Europe, with a better performing and growth economy;
– Europe, more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion;
– Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours.

In addition to the Hangouts, bloggers and tweeters are encouraged to use the hashtag – #cy2012eublogs – to propose and comment on the issues under discussion. Please reference @CCMCCyprus if you do connect to the meeting so we can track the contributions coming from the Buffer Zone.

For more info on the event go to

Look forward to seeing you there!

#cy2012eublogs bloggers connect!

The Cyprus Presidency has come good on its word – namely to organise an event that will connect European bloggers with their Cypriot counterparts. The efforts of @BlogCyEu and @MyriaAntoniadou have paid off!

Branded under the Twitter hashtag #cy2012eublogs, the meeting will take place on 26 July in the Justus Lipsius building (Press Bar) at the seat of the Council of the EU in Brussels, from 09:30 to 14:00. Registration for the event is now open.

And CCMC will be there, for the simple reason that there is no other organisation in Cyprus that has been more active in promoting the use of social media for citizen participation in decision-making, and because it is the only inter-communal entity in Cyprus that supports activities relating to media which promote reconciliation in Cyprus. Our highly successful Buffer Zone Bloggers event last year was a great success in creating a space for bloggers from across the island to exchange ideas and best practices.

The politics of the division in Cyprus continue to hinder communication between the island’s two main communities, and discussion about the six-month Presidency has focused on the official rhetoric and posturing. Social media, and new media more generally, offer an alternative space for information and opinion exchange, a solution to the problem of effective communication that the mass media have tended to stifle over the years. This event represents an open forum for all Cypriots to have their voices heard at the European level, and offers a basis for constructive dialogue.

CCMC will be hosting a livestream of the event at its premises at the same time, in order to support the interactivity of the event, and open the floor to participants from Cyprus who will not have the chance to participate in Brussels.

The discussion will be structured around the four thematic priorities of the Presidency, but CCMC encourages bloggers and social media users to contribute their own ideas with the aim of broadening the discussion. The priorities, as set by the Cyprus Presidency, are:

Europe, more efficient and sustainable;
Europe, with a better performing and growth economy;
Europe, more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion;
Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours.

CCMC will be sending out more details on the livestream over the coming days, so stay tuned to our social media outlets for more information!

New Media Forum, Wednesday 27 June, European Parliament

We wish we could be there.

On Wednesday 27 June the New Media Forum will be held in the Plenary Chamber of the European Parliament in Brussels. The event website is clear that this will definitely not be “yet another conference on the media”. It aims to offer “a unique forum to discuss opportunities and risks for media pluralism resulting from new media”, and share recent developments in the field, pulling together different strands of discussions that are currently taking place at EU level.

Just some of the questions to be addressed are the following:

– Does the new media contribute to, or undermine, a pluralistic public sphere?
– Do new technologies overcome bottlenecks related to traditional media or do they create new information gatekeepers?
– Should existing media ownership regulations for traditional media be relaxed, or extended to new media?
– How have industries, such as music, books and film, faced the challenges presented by the new media?
– Is there a need for diversity obligations on online on-demand media and can they be imposed?
– Should the EU take an initiative in ownership regulation in this era of globalization?
– How do we assess the role of publicly funded media, specifically public service broadcasters (PSBs), but also, where relevant, subsidised press and online operations?

Community Media will be represented in these discussions, in the form of Pieter de Wit, President of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) and Francesco Diasio, Regional Coordinator of AMARC Europe. We will be looking forward to their feedback as well as the Forum’s final report, and hopefully to contribute to follow-up discussions.

Opening up the Cyprus Presidency … through blogs!

This article was first published on page 6 of The Cyprus Weekly (8 June).

It’s very rare that conversations in the blogosphere make into the mainstream media so we thought that, as the auspicious date of 1 July draws ever closer, it might be worth merging media ahead of the start of the Cyprus Presidency of the European Council. Much to our surprise, in the past few weeks a call from the Permanent Representation in Brussels has been circulated amongst bloggers across Europe to organise a meeting on 12 July within the framework of the Presidency. As yet no format or agenda has been ascribed to the meeting, with the Cypriot delegation apparently looking for suggestions from bloggers themselves about how the discussion should shape up and what the relationship between government and the digital community should be.
Having surveyed the blogosphere in the last few days, we have noticed that the call has been picked up by a number of European bloggers and portals. The influential, a pan-European blogging platform, published a call for involvement in the meeting, while Waltzing Matilda, a blog linked to the European Commission, sees the Cyprus Presidency as a chance to build bridges. “They seek collaboration and to help connect existing networks”, is Matilda’s view. “Bloggers who like to collaborate can establish the agenda in co-creation, instead of being confronted with a fait accompli. The aim is to shape an open dialogue that reaches beyond the Brussels Bubble.”
The call however has not been picked up by many Cypriot bloggers. The Open Cyprus Europe 2012 blog, which aims to strengthen national social media conversations during the Presidency, as well as myriaswords, are some of the few calling for a more coordinated response amongst Cypriot bloggers. This suggestion has found support from blogger Ron Patz who writes on the Basing his assessment on a similar initiative during the Hungarian Presidency he says that “this event should be mainly for them. If they are political bloggers, they may learn how they can find real stories, and the presidency may be able to tell them how they can provide them with background while other European bloggers present may give hints how they interact with the Brussels sphere in order to generate stories or attention.”

This initiative on behalf of the authorities could break the mould of government communication with its citizens facilitating their participation, to the extent possible, in the decision-making process. Having organised the highly successful “Buffer-Zone Bloggers (BZB)” event in April 2011 which brought together bloggers from across the whole of Cyprus, CCMC fully supports a coordinated Cyprus response. Our message, based on the experience of BZB, is that this opportunity should be used in order to maximise the potential of social media to involve bloggers from communities marginalised from mainstream dialogue; empowering them to become active and have their voices heard during the Presidency period. In this way the potential of social media can be harnessed to its fullest extent, and actually contribute to one of the Presidency’s stated aims which is to promote social cohesion at home and abroad.

CCMC marks World Press Freedom Day on 3 May

Today, 3 May 2012, the Cyprus Community Media Centre commemorates World Press Freedom Day. We hope you will help share information about the day through social media, which has played such a huge role in generating growth in freedom of expression, namely in unleashing the protest movement that began in Tunisia in 2010 before spreading through much of the Arab world and beyond. Take a moment to reflect on the ways in which we enjoy freedom of expression in our lives and the ways we share information, and download your e-cards in EnglishGreekand Turkish. Make them your profile pic on Facebook, and please share widely!


Cyprus Community Media Centre and Ustream Live

CCMC is Broadcasting Live on Ustream the CMI Conference. You can watch it through Facebook:

Sign up for ‘Gorilla Activism’ workshop 20-27 June!

gorillaactivismSign up for ‘Gorilla Activism’ workshop 20-27 June! It is no wonder that the world has been changing fast in the past decade, and the ways in which we conduct journalism, activism and storytelling have also changed. GORILLA ACTIVISM is an 8-day workshop that will take place between June 20-27, 2011, to empower Cypriot youth with innovative and fun tools and skills required to engage with and combine citizen journalism, digital storytelling and guerilla activism. We want to help you discover new ways of expressing yourself and becoming powerful actors of change within your community! Topics to be covered include: Citizen Journalism, Media Literacy, Social Networking, Viral Marketing, Guerilla Activism, Conflict and Media, Digital Storytelling. Continue reading

Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend 29-30 April 2011

Youthful, passionate, free voices and free spirits: these are the players in the social media revolution. If the description applies to you, then join us for the Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend.

The two day event includes:
■International and local bloggers and journalists sharing their experiences
■Discussions with Egyptian activists about the role of social media
■Workshops on blogging, social media, and video animation
■Documentary film screenings
Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a beginner, there will be plenty to interest you!

Friday and Saturday 29-30 April 2011 at the Cyprus Community Media Centre, in Nicosia’s buffer zone, next to Ledra Palace. Free wi-fi will be available for all, so bring your laptop!

Admission is free, but registration is essential. Register online with this simple form.
And visit our blog:

This event is organised by NGO Support Centre and CCMC, with support from the European Commission.

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