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Mapping Community Media in Europe

CCMC has quite a few claims to fame, but if we are not mistaken the idea of mapping the Community Media landscape in Europe for the first time was born in Nicosia during the first annual CMFE Conference last November. The project aimed to create a complete picture of the European Community Media sphere so as to inform policy decisions for institutions such as the European Union and the Council of Europe.

A survey was created by the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) with the help of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and its members as well as some national federations, targeting 49 countries, with data now available for 39 of them.

According to the data collected by CMFE, “in January 2012 there were 2237 community radio stations and 521 community television stations in Europe. Most stations are located in EU member countries especially in France, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Germany and Sweden. Only 122 radio and 9 television stations are located in countries outside the EU … In 17 countries (including four non-EU countries) the community media sector is regulated in the media law and as such this third media sector is recognized. In some European countries the community media sector is supported by government funding. Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands have substantial funding systems for both community radio and television. Belgium, Italy, Norway and Switzerland to a lesser extent. In France community radio is financed up to 40% by government funding.”

The next task for CMFE will be to rate each European country in order to enhance the development of community radio and community television in Europe, and we look forward to working with them on creating a more enabling environment for Community Media in Cyprus.


Getting the word out! CCMC live in Chicago

The magic of the digital age…

Last Wednesday (1 August), CCMC’s Larry Fergeson took the CCMC message to Chicago, speaking at a workshop during the annual Alliance for Community Media (ACM) Conference. Larry took part a discussion on “Community Media for Development and Conflict Resolution in Europe” over Skype, joining fellow panelists Erik Möllberg, Assistant Manager at Access Fort Wayne, John Higgins (a good friend of CCMC!) from University of San Francisco, and Pembe Mentesh, Programme Analyst at UNDP-ACT in Cyprus.

The panel was an opportunity to discuss how community media can be a useful tool for development work, advocacy, and social change, with CCMC as a case study, while Larry also doubled up as a member of the Board of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) to outline the work of the organisation at the European level.

The discussion was featured in the latest edition of the AMARC Europe newsletter, where you can also read about the threats to the community radio movement in Greece.

Talking media ethics in Birmingham

The Forum in full swing

The Journalism & Media Ethics European Media Forum got underway in Birmingham, UK yesterday, with the participation of CCMC’s very own Larry Fergeson, called up as a member of the Board of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE).

The Forum is part of the Council of Europe’s MARS – Media Against Racism in Sport programme, which aims at including non discrimination and the expression of diversity as an ongoing angle of media coverage, and encourage innovative production across different media.

Back in January CCMC hosted the Cyprus National Media Encounter as part of the MARS programme, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the active participation from local and international media professionals and civil society activists.

Check out the Forum on Facebook, find out what’s on here, and follow proceedings online!

CCMC’s Michalis Simopoulos will be on SIM TV Tonight 6-7pm

CCMC’s Michalis Simopoulos will be on SIM TV tonight from 6-7pm, talking about the CMFE and the important outcomes of the conference. SIM TV can also be watched in the southern part of Nicosia too. The interview will be in English with simultaneous translation.

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