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Get in the Zone!

“I don’t get the concept”, said Nikolas, one of the many who attended yesterday’s launch of Nicosia’s (second round) bid to be European Capital of Culture in 2017. Nikolas is a car designer. And perhaps for someone with a talent in linear design, the abandoned graffitied house, the loose soil under his feet, and the projection on one of Nicosia’s many dividing walls, was not the style of launch he would have expected.

But that was is what is refreshing about Nicosia’s 2017 bid. It’s not hiding from Nicosia’s delapidation. It’s not turning away from walls, from barbed wire, from its image as a capital city which boasts the last buffer zone in Europe. Instead it is embracing reality, and asking people to come up with their own concepts. Residents of Nicosia will have the chance to transform their city into a capital city that accepts itself, can make fun of itself, but ultimately wants to change for the better.

Credit goes the new Mayor of Nicosia Constantinos Yorkadjis. Donning a FUTURE ZONE t-shirt and sporting a comfortable looking pair of jeans and white trainers, Mr Yorkadjis broke the mould of hotel function halls, high heels, and powerpoint presentations. He and his team attracted a melting pot of ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, a true reflection of the colourful logo of Nicosia’s 2017 bid.

But what’s the catch? TIME! A month to be exact! For Nicosia to be successful in its bid for capital of culture it will need the participation of those who care about the city. Us. You. Them. You name them, they can participate. So don’t waste any time and log onto their website – – and send through your ideas and vision for the future.

CCMC believes in the vision they have set out, and we think that our network of organisations which transcends the city’s divide can have a major role to play in making this a truly inclusive next four years in the run-up to 2017.

So get in the Zone people!

‘UNCOVERED’ – Nicosia International Airport Exhibition opens 23 September

You’re all invited to UNCOVERED – Nicosia International Airport – Exhibition & Panel which opens on 23 September and will run until 23 October 2011. The opening night [invitation here] takes place from 19:00-21:00 at Ledra Street/Lokmacı Buffer Zone, and the opening hours of the exhibition is 10am-8pm daily. [Full information in press release here]. There will also be a panel discussion on 24 September from 2:30-7:30pm at the Home for Cooperation in the Buffer Zone. UNCOVERED is a three-year research based art project, divided into two phases, and its area of investigation are the issues stemming from the prolonged condition of the closed Nicosia International Airport. The title of the project is a word-play UN+COVERED reflecting on the role and presence of the UN at the airport since the latter was declared a United Nations Protected Area following the hostilities on the island in the summer of 1974, resulting in the de-facto division of the island and the creation of a buffer zone. The United Nations continues to facilitate Peace negotiations between the two sides. The project aims to explore notions of memory, commons and control mechanisms, as these arise out of the status of a closed-off airport in a space of conflict. Continue reading

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Don’t miss Wonder Women on CCMC’s biweekly radio show today!

Don’t miss our biweekly show on Radio Mayis today Monday 4 July from 16:00 – 17:15. The show is a special edition all about the recent Wonder Women artists residency which took place in Nicosia and will feature guests Ozgul Ezgin and Maria Petrides. Tune in to 96.0FM and 103.1FM or listen online at

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CCMC member TCHRF Refugee Photography exhibition

CCMC member the Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation (TCHRF) is hosting a week long photographic exhibition with a number of participating local photographers, running from 20-27 June 2011. More details in Turkish, in the flyer here.

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Wonder Women Cyprus residency is underway!

To keep up with the adventures of the _gaia Studio Wonder Women residency in Cyprus, please visit their blog

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Wonder Women residency in Cyprus: apply by 15 June.

wwimageIn our society, the importance of news has shifted; some would argue that it has been elasticized or else devalued. As the blogosphere replaces the daily newspaper as the purveyor and distributor of breaking news, the reporting of events is no longer filtered by the journalist/editor. Instead the voice of news is replaced by a dynamic exchange of information.

Wonder Women is a residency program in its sixth year hosted by _gaia at their studio in Jersey City, NJ.  _gaia, an environment for creative process is dedicated to fostering women’s activism, art practice and study. The Wonder Women mission is to engage practicing, yet underrepresented artists who are eager to participate in a collective dialogue about art, media and identity. In January _gaia studio invited 10 New York & New Jersey based artists to participate in their residency program exploring the theme, ‘New News is Old News.’ Now that the work has been complete, its curators Doris Caçoilo and Maya Joseph-Goteiner along with some of the artists who participated will be hosted by Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) members Rooftop Theatre Group, EMAA (European-Mediterranean Arts Association) and the CCMC  to stage a similar program with 6 artists in Cyprus. Beginning June 20th [through June 29th] accepted applicants will meet as a group in various locations island-wide. There will be group discussions addressing issues related to art, technology, history, current affairs with a specific focus on human trafficking and critique of works in progress.

Wonder Women invites 6 Cyprus-based artists to consider this new concept of real time media and the ramifications of our evolving relationship with news. Projects should address news and its media channels. 

To apply for the residency, please submit your proposals and portfolios to Wonder Women by Wednesday 15 June 2011. All details can be found here. 

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