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Lifelong Learning Programmes Info Sessions

EU_flag_LLP_ENThe Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes (IDEP) is organising information meetings for interested organisations on the Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programmes. The purpose of the meetings is to provide the necessary guidelines and information on how to fill in and submit applications to these programmes.

The events organised are:

Wednesday 16/01/2013 – Leonardo da Vinci – Partnerships
10:00, Premises of IDEP

Wednesday 16/01/2013 – Grundtvig – Learning Partnerships
16:00, Hotel Kleopatra – Nicosia

Wednesday 16/01/2013 – Comenius – School Partnerships
16:00, Hotel Kleopatra – Nicosia

Wednesday 23/01/2013 – Grundtvig – Workshops
16:00, Premises of IDEP – Nicosia

Thursday 24/01/2013 – Comenius – Regio Partnerships
10:00, Premises of IDEP – Nicosia

Wednesday 20/02/2013 – Grundtvig – Senior Volunteering Projects
16:00, Premises of IDEP – Nicosia

CCMC is currently working on two projects funded under Lifelong Learning:

logo2Media Hackers aims to provide a flexible and basic training for journalists so that they are better equipped to cope with emerging new technologies. We are working with European partners to identify the current skills and training needs of journalists, and to create state of the art training material that will ultimately increase the employability of journalists by offering new and innovative ways of media training. You can follow us on the project’s Facebook page!

LOGO_mComSimilarly, through the m-Com  project, CCMC and its partners are develop educational approaches in a community-driven context with the aim of empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) through Community Media literacy. You can track our activities on Facebook, or you can tweet about m-Com on the hashtag #mcomeu.

Could you be a volunteer?

ngo_logoCCMC member the NGO Support Centre (NGO SC) is looking for people who are ready to try out new challenges and experiences in life. If you have a willingness to learn, adapt and to share new ideas, then this volunteer experience might be right for you.

The NGO SC will send 3 senior Volunteers to Hemel Hempstead in May / June 2013 from Cyprus. They are looking for inspirational people who have had some experiences of volunteering and who want to try volunteering in another country. The experience is open to those people aged 50 years and over and who are willing to work and live with other people they have not previously met with.

They are looking for the following qualities in our volunteers:
–    Current passport holder
–    Good Health
–    Interest in community wellbeing
–    Willingness to learn new skills, culture and language
–    Ability to adapt to living in new country for 3 weeks
–    A good ambassador with sound knowledge of our local area
–    Be proactive and ready to find solutions to everyday problems

For more information contact Lorraine at the NGO Support Centre on or call  +357-22-87509.

EC Active Ageing Photo and Film Competition Winners Announced

The winning photo "Ageless Joy" by Salih Bahceci

The winning photo “Ageless Joy” by Salih Bahceci

C3A, the Cyprus Third Age Association was one of the winners of the 2012 DigiMe digital photo and video competition, sponsored by the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus and taking as its theme the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. C3A received an honourable mention – and a 100 euro voucher for electronic gadgets – for a series of photographs showing the group’s educational activities which, as the judges said, illustrated vividly Active Ageing in Action.

The overall winner in the photo category was “Ageless Joy”, taken by Salih Bahçeci, a student of digital media at London Metropolitan University, while the short clip “An ordinary life of my grandparents” by Andreas Psaltis, a final year pupil at the Grammar School, Nicosia, won the video prize. The two category winners each received an iPad.

There were also honourable mentions for Elly Rousou for the photo entitled ‘Youth has no Age’, and for Yetin Arslan with ‘Fairy-tale Cycle’.

EllyRousou received an honourable mention for "Youth Has No Age"

EllyRousou received an honourable mention for “Youth Has No Age”

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony held at the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone, the Head of Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus George Markopouliotis said:

“This is the second year of the DigiMe digital video and photo competition. We at the Representation are happy to support this online event and we do hope that it will carry on with the same success for a few more years to come. Our intention was to to raise awareness of the contribution that older people make to society and I think that the entries to the competition do this quite admirably. It is also clear that these issues, like the environment and climate change in last year’s competition, are obviously of concern to all communities in Cyprus – two-thirds of this year’s entries come from Greek Cypriots and approximately one-third from the Turkish Cypriot community.”

Entries in the DigiMe competition are not judged on artistic merit alone but also on relevance and, crucially, on the impact they have online. This impact, the buzz, which this year’s entries have generated, has been considerable. There were more than 100 entries in all which attracted nearly 3,000 votes on the DigiMe website, more than 2,000 YouTube views and nearly 4,000 likes and comments on Facebook.

The DigiMe competition is managed on behalf of the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus by the NGO Support Centre and the Cyprus Community Media Centre.

You can see all the entries at the DigiMe website:

Civil Society as a vehicle for Active Ageing

This article was first published on page 16 of The Cyprus Weekly (16 November).

The European Union (EU) designated 2012 as the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, and has identified civil society as an important actor in support of active ageing. Through its various programmes it is improving the accessibility to mobility for individuals involved in adult education, as well as assisting people from marginal social contexts to attain alternative access to adult education.

Europe’s population is living longer. The average life expectancy at birth in the 53 countries in the European region of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is over 72 years for men and around 80 for women. “Promoting healthy behaviour and ensuring age-friendly environments for all populations and age groups are important steps to add life to years,” says Zsuzsanna Jakab, the WHO’s Regional Director for Europe.

A Eurobarometer survey in 2011 on Active Ageing revealed that 95% of Cypriots think that people over the age of 55 can “contribute greatly” to society by taking care of their grandchildren. While this may come as no surprise, the fact that just over half of the population thinks that the over 55s can contribute as volunteers is indicative of general attitudes of involvement in civil society activity. Whether a cultural trait or not, in the midst of an economic crisis that shows no signs of relenting such attitudes may be about to change as to how Cyprus’, and by extension the European Union’s, ageing population participates later in life.

Throughout the year of Active Ageing, a number of initiatives have been taking place with Cypriot participation. The DigiMe Photo and Film Competition, now in its second year and supported by the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, has decided to focus on active ageing in order to raise awareness of the contribution that older people make to society. Run jointly by the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) and the NGO Support Centre, it offers the opportunity to everyone to submit short films and photos, with the winner of each category in line to take home their very own iPad. However, judging is not just based on the entries themselves, but also on the way they are promoted online, measured by the number of people who “tweet” about it, “like it” on Facebook, and “view” it on YouTube.

The EU’s Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme is currently supporting two initiatives with Cypriot involvement. Raising Horizons is a project which facilitates the exchange of 12 senior volunteers between the NGO Support Centre, based in Nicosia, and Community Action Dacorum, a community service charity active in Hertfordshire, UK. Just this week a group of volunteers are in Cyprus working with Cans for Kids, a charity which collects and recycles aluminium cans donating all proceeds for the purchase of medical equipment for children’s wards at Cypriot hospitals. Young and Adults for a Better Life, coordinated locally by Euroculture, is bringing together young people and seniors from 11 European countries from various backgrounds with the aim of finding ways to bridge the generation gap and help people create better lives for themselves.

Check out these initiatives online to see what you can do in support of Active Ageing!
Raising Horizons:
Young Adults for a Better Life:


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