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Could you be a volunteer?

ngo_logoCCMC member the NGO Support Centre (NGO SC) is looking for people who are ready to try out new challenges and experiences in life. If you have a willingness to learn, adapt and to share new ideas, then this volunteer experience might be right for you.

The NGO SC will send 3 senior Volunteers to Hemel Hempstead in May / June 2013 from Cyprus. They are looking for inspirational people who have had some experiences of volunteering and who want to try volunteering in another country. The experience is open to those people aged 50 years and over and who are willing to work and live with other people they have not previously met with.

They are looking for the following qualities in our volunteers:
–    Current passport holder
–    Good Health
–    Interest in community wellbeing
–    Willingness to learn new skills, culture and language
–    Ability to adapt to living in new country for 3 weeks
–    A good ambassador with sound knowledge of our local area
–    Be proactive and ready to find solutions to everyday problems

For more information contact Lorraine at the NGO Support Centre on lorraine@ngo-sc.org or call  +357-22-87509.

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