Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage announces the implementation of emergency measures on cultural heritage sites

image009Text from a press release issued by the United Nations Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF) project (12 December 2012):

The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage has announced the start-up of emergency works at the Mosque of Deneia/Denya, as well as emergency measures to prevent further damage to the building which is in a precarious condition. This will include a general cleaning of the mosque and the courtyard, removal of loose parts, consolidation of the internal arch and improvement of the courtyard fence. The works are expected to be completed by early March 2013.

Steps are also being taken for similar measures on Prophitis Elias Church at Philia (Serhatköy) and other monuments included in the project’s First Cycle Programme list.

Additional cultural heritage sites will benefit from similar interventions in the months to come. All the activities are funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP-Partnership for the Future in collaboration with the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

The startup of these activities marks an important moment in the Committee’s efforts to protect and preserve the island’s rich cultural heritage.

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