And one final word….!

As the CMFE draws to a close after an inspiring and motivational three days, the Cyprus Community Media Declaration, endorsed by CMFE, is being announced. The declaration sets out Cyprus community media’s foundational elements, its European-level safeguards and its members and natural allies. It presents the principles to guide the island’s community media, the broad spectrum of its remit and the duties it undertakes towards its diverse stakeholders.

“We believe community media is a positive force for reconciliation in Cyprus,” said Michalis Simopoulos of CCMC, addressing the delegates. “I want to call on the people we want to work with, in particular the authorities, to recognise community media, embrace it as a grassroots movement and a distinct sector that transcends boundaries. And to support it”. 

“We call on the media to embrace community media as a potential force for positive change which enriches debate and provides alternative perspectives.” 

On that note, and on behalf of the CMFE board, CCMC staff and supporters, and everyone involved in the conference we would like to thank you for participating, in person or virtually, and look forward to CMFE 2012!

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