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Thanks for joining us for Day 1 of #cmfe2011

Thanks for joining us for the first day of the Community Media Forum Europe’s conference. We hope you enjoyed the plenaries as much as we did. Next live stream will be at GMT+2 09:30 tomorrow morning on the subject of ‘Community Media, Intercultural Dialogue and Participation’. Looking forward. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cmfe

The Arab Spring – update from Plenary Session 2.


It’s a packed room here at #cmfe2011 with participants hearing the much-anticipated plenary session on Community Media and the Arab Spring. Fahem Boukadous spoke with great conviction about the recent history of protests in Tunisia and the role community broadcasting played in getting the message out. Fahem was followed by Francesco Diasio and Ahmed Samih and we are now online for a web panel with Sawsan Zaideh. Stay tuned for more updates and the following speakers, or watch our live stream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cmfe


Watch now: “Community Media and the Arab Spring” – Plenary Session No. 2.

The location of the CMFE conference in a country which symbolises the crossroads of the Mediterranean inevitably brings our attention to the Arab Spring that has dominated the international news for much of 2011. Social and community media have been at the heart of many of the events as they have unfolded, providing access to independent news and information, a place to organise and a focus for media reform demands. This panel brings together community media activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine to share their experience and to engage with the European community media movement. An opportunity to strengthen bridges and reinforce the contribution of community media to freedom, rights, justice and democracy. Continue reading

‘The State of Community Media in Europe’ – Plenary Session 1

‘In Spain in 2010, after 30 years, finally a bill was passed recognising community radio. Community media has been deprived of legality and deprived of opportunities to develop.’ – Soledad Galliana of AMARC Europe, speaking at the #cmfe2011 conference in Cyprus

Watch the live feed online. 

CMFE Conference – Day 1 starts in a few hours!

The day has arrived! CMFE’s first conference will be starting in a few hours here in Nicosia. This is the latest update with the final programme and information on how to follow the event online

Updated documents: 
>  Abstracts book (pdf, 920 kb)   > Conference Programme (pdf, 320 kb)

Live from the conference
For those not able to attend the conference, we are glad to inform that the plenary sessions will be streamed live:

15:00 – 16:30 “The state of Community Media in Europe”

17:00 – 19:00 “Community Media an the Arab Spring”

Current time in Nicosia: http://free.timeanddate.com/clock/i2upok2d/n680


> Live streaming of plenary sessions

> Conference blog 

> Live conference updates

It will be also possible to comment on Facebook and Twitter, where live updates will be posted.
Looking forward to hear from you, especially if you were not able to come this year.


CMFE General Assembly photos

Before the Conference starts in the afternoon, CMFE held its 1st General Assembly this morning:


CMFE has a new board now. All the 13 candidates were elected. Congratulations & good luck! 



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