Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

New inter-communal public poll by Cyprus 2015 announced

A recent public opinion poll, conducted in both communities by the Cyprus 2015 initiative, reveals that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots remain open to a federal settlement but have opposing viewpoints as to how the Security, Territory and Citizenship dossiers should be solved. Despite these differences, limited common ground can be found in each of these three critical dossiers of the peace talks, while there is also strong support in both communities, for the implementation of confidence building measures. Most respondents do not wish to prejudge the outcome and are undecided on how they might vote in a future referendum. However, the negative political climate that predominates in this protracted process is leading to public discontent, which is reflected as a trend for undecided voters in the Greek Cypriot community to shift towards a ‘No’, while Turkish Cypriots are expressing increased ambivalence over what they will vote. View the findings of the Cyprus 2015 poll here or download the full press release here.

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