Public auction of artwork for the Multiple Sclerosis Association 3 June 2011



The Cyprus Multiple Sclerosis Association is organising a public auction on 3 June 2011, at Hilton Park hotel in Nicosia. The silent auction will be open from 16:00 to 19:00 at the hotel and will include works of well-known artists. The works of art have been kindly offered by the artists and all proceeds will go to the Association’s fund. The artists: Avraamides Christos, Charalambides Adnreas, Christofi Polyvios, Economou Costas, Fantaros Michalis, Foukaras Christos, Glyn Hughes (donation of the Char. Sergiou family), Kakoulli Anni, Karletidou Marlen, Kaskani Iro, Kepolas Giorgos, Kotsonis Aggelos, Kotsonis Giorgos, Koumides Glafkos, Ladommatos Andreas, Marathovouniotou Penelope, Pericleous Vicky, Souhanova Mariam, Stefanis Rinos, Tastzian Vartan, Tsaggaris Hampis, Tsimilli Maria, Vargas Susan For more information, please call 22590949 and 99565298 or visit

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