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Access Info Cyprus roundtable 6 June 2011

accessinfologoCCMC members the Cyprus EU Association and IKME Socio-political Studies Institute, together with Access Info Europe would like to invite you to a roundtable discussion for NGOs islandwide at CCMC, Ledra Palace, Nicosia from 17:00-19:00 on Monday 6 June 2011.

The roundtable discussion (invitation here) will provide you with:

  • The results of a monitoring of public authority websites as well as the answers to 393 information requests filed with ten public authorities in Cyprus. 
  • The findings of an opinion survey on transparency involving 1000 persons and interviews with 20 CSO representatives working on different issues across Cyprus. 
  • An analysis of the current legal framework for the right to information.

The roundtable discussion is part of a public consultation process the groups are holding until 20 June 2011 on the recommendations arising from the research. To find out more please visit www.accessinfocyprus.eu/en/research.html.

Wonder Women residency in Cyprus: apply by 15 June.

wwimageIn our society, the importance of news has shifted; some would argue that it has been elasticized or else devalued. As the blogosphere replaces the daily newspaper as the purveyor and distributor of breaking news, the reporting of events is no longer filtered by the journalist/editor. Instead the voice of news is replaced by a dynamic exchange of information.

Wonder Women is a residency program in its sixth year hosted by _gaia at their studio in Jersey City, NJ.  _gaia, an environment for creative process is dedicated to fostering women’s activism, art practice and study. The Wonder Women mission is to engage practicing, yet underrepresented artists who are eager to participate in a collective dialogue about art, media and identity. In January _gaia studio invited 10 New York & New Jersey based artists to participate in their residency program exploring the theme, ‘New News is Old News.’ Now that the work has been complete, its curators Doris Caçoilo and Maya Joseph-Goteiner along with some of the artists who participated will be hosted by Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) members Rooftop Theatre Group, EMAA (European-Mediterranean Arts Association) and the CCMC  to stage a similar program with 6 artists in Cyprus. Beginning June 20th [through June 29th] accepted applicants will meet as a group in various locations island-wide. There will be group discussions addressing issues related to art, technology, history, current affairs with a specific focus on human trafficking and critique of works in progress.

Wonder Women invites 6 Cyprus-based artists to consider this new concept of real time media and the ramifications of our evolving relationship with news. Projects should address news and its media channels. 

To apply for the residency, please submit your proposals and portfolios to Wonder Women by Wednesday 15 June 2011. All details can be found here. 

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.Cyprus Artefact Treasure in Action project presentation

cyprusartefactsThe Year 8 students of the American Academy school in Nicosia are inviting you to a presentation at 7pm on Wednesday 1 June 2011 in the auditorium of their school marking the completion of the Cyprus Artefacts Treasure in Action project run during the school year in partnership with CCMC member the International Children’s Film Festival Cyprus and CCMC. The presentation will take the form of a drama performance with the showing of artefact books. A reception will follow.

Sign up for ‘Gorilla Activism’ workshop 20-27 June!

gorillaactivismSign up for ‘Gorilla Activism’ workshop 20-27 June! It is no wonder that the world has been changing fast in the past decade, and the ways in which we conduct journalism, activism and storytelling have also changed. GORILLA ACTIVISM is an 8-day workshop that will take place between June 20-27, 2011, to empower Cypriot youth with innovative and fun tools and skills required to engage with and combine citizen journalism, digital storytelling and guerilla activism. We want to help you discover new ways of expressing yourself and becoming powerful actors of change within your community! Topics to be covered include: Citizen Journalism, Media Literacy, Social Networking, Viral Marketing, Guerilla Activism, Conflict and Media, Digital Storytelling. Continue reading

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