‘Future Together’: giving opportunities for small-scale community-driven cultural or heritage projects

The ”Future Together” project (Participatory Development Project) through its “One Message to Encourage” initiative will provide an opportunity for small-scale community-driven cultural or natural heritage conservation projects to tell their story to a wider audience, and to have access to the capacity-building programme of the “Future Together” project.

What is the “Future Together” Project?

The “Future Together” project, which is implemented by Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and The Union of Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects (KTMMOB) and funded by United Nations Development Programme – Action for Cooperation and Trust (UNDP-ACT), is designed to promote a socially inclusive reconciliation process on the island with a focus on enhancing cultural and natural heritage projects through participatory approaches. The overall aim of the initiative is to lead to increasing citizen participation in decision-making processes, in particular with regards to shared physical spaces.

The “Future Together” initiative will achieve this by helping existing cultural and natural heritage conservation projects as well as additional projects at different degrees of development, to extract lessons from existing participatory planning models, followed by a dialogue on similar models inside and outside of Cyprus leading to the development and delivery of a “Best Practices” guide for practitioners on the island and in the region. The “One Message to Encourage” initiative is an integral part of this initiative.

Why become part of the “One Message to Encourage” initiative?

“One Message to Encourage” will help participants:

  1. receive training and support on how to prepare and disseminate their own media products
  2. transform one of their key messages into a short film or vodcast which will be screened in mainstream media
  3. to be brought together into the wider Future Together “community of practice”, which will give them a stronger voice
  4. in taking part in Future Together’s wider capacity-building efforts
  5. to generate the interest of potential donors

Who should apply?

The criteria for applicants:

  • Projects that carry the elements of a participatory planning process for physical spaces of any kind (urban or rural) intended for public use
  • Projects that are ongoing
  • Projects that involve consultation wide ranging from beneficiaries, end-users, local authorities, decision makers etc.
  • Island-wide multicultural initiatives are encouraged
  • Projects with strong gender components are encouraged

In order to give further information regarding this initiative and to answer your questions regarding the announcement, an informative meeting will be held at CCMC on 1st June 2011, Wednesday at 11.00 am. Interested parties should contactcyprus@etek.org.cyThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itorktmmob@defne.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itin order to receive the application forms. The submission deadline is 10th June 2011, Friday at 5.00pm.

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