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Free media workshops at University of Nicosia 6 May 2011

The University of Nicosia is offering free (registration required) workshops on a number of interesting media-related subjects on Friday the 6 May 2011.

Workshop 1: 10:00-17:00 ‘Critical Analysis of Still/Moving Images’

Workshop 2: 10:00-16:30 ‘Formation of Self/Local Representation through Multimedia Production.

Workshop 3: 10:00-16:30: ‘Multicultural Environments, Identities and belongings, Citizenship and Territories’

Workshop 4: 10:00-17:00 Digital Tools for Social Inquiry and Urban Mapping’

Read the full schedule here, and download the application form here.   Completed applications to be returned to Holger Briel: holger.briel[@]googlemail.com

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