Peace Players: Spring Basketball Tournament 7 May 2011

Peace Players-Cyprus is organising a “Spring Basketball Tournament” for youth aged 11 to 16 on Saturday, the 7th of May in Nicosia. The aim of this event is to bring children from different communities from across Cyprus together to play basketball in an inclusive and fun-filled environment. “This tournament is a great way to promote peace, and encourage Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot youth interact with each other and participate in sports. Our tournament will bring together over 150 children to play and learn with each other over an afternoon of basketball, food and music. We are very excited to have our tournament be part of the Home for Cooperation’s opening ceremonies,” said Marina Vasilara of PeacePlayers – Cyprus. The Tournament will host over 150 Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot boys and girls from across Cyprus coming together to play 3-on-3 basketball in mixed teams, listen to music, enjoy food and special activities together, celebrating peace and sports in their own way. The idea is that sport can be used as a tool to help break down social divides and begin to change negative perceptions children may have about members of the other community.

This Tournament will also coincide with the opening of the Home for Cooperation (H4C) in the buffer zone across from Ledra Palace. The H4C will function as a shared space for intercommunal cooperation and dialogue, and the new permanent location of PeacePlayers in Cyprus. Following the basketball tournament, children will walk to the H4C for a celebration with food and a live concert. The tournament will take place on Saturday, May 7, from 15:00 – 18:00, at the Centinkaya Football Club across from Ledra Palace in Nicosia.

The ‘Spring Basketball Tournament’ is supported by the US Embassy’s Bicommunal Support Program.


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