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Donate a chair to the ‘Home for Cooperation’

ChairCCMC member the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), is opening its Home for | Cooperation (H4C) in May 2011 in the Nicosia (Ledra Palace) buffer zone. The H4C will operate as an education, dialogue and research centre. In order to enhance the Homes’ purpose and character, an experienced creative team are hard at work, planning the interior design of this multi-communal space. As well as a conference space, offices and library, the H4C will house a fully functional canteen. To make the canteen area that extra special, the H4C is asking for your contribution…… in the form of donating a chair! Contemporary, futuristic designed chairs, environmentally-inspired pieces, antique chairs, bright color chairs, rugged, gothic, Cypriot traditional rush seated chairs – anything you wish! The more eccentric the better. The idea being that people provide the H4C with a chair which they feel represents the Home and as such, join together AHDR in this historical initiative. If you feel that you would like to contribute, please state your willingness in an email to the following address, stating the type of chair that you wish to donate: h4c@ahdr.info

The deadline for emails of interest is Friday 25 March 2011. The inauguration of the H4C will take place from 6-9 May 2011!

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