Casting For an Experimental Film

A bicommunal group of young teenagers guided by a film maker is preparing an experimental film.

The movie is based on the experiences of four teenagers, who form a music band and play music as a way to express themselves. Due to the problems they have with their families they decide to run away and start living and playing music in a desolated house. The group are looking for talented and enthusiastic people who would like to take part in their film. The roles are as follow:

• Two male teenagers
• A female teenager
• An Old man (preferably with a beard)
• A black man in his forties
• A young black boy (preferably under age five)
• Foreign looking mother
• Two male characters in their forties
• Two female characters in their forties
• A female character in her twenties
• A female character younger than sixteen

Interested applicants need to send a picture and contact information to the following contact addresses: and

Previous experience is desirable but not necessary.

Deadline: 10 February 2011

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2 thoughts on “Casting For an Experimental Film

  1. zeca catalin says:

    i want to play in movies

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