(Nicosia, 17/01/11): The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC), in partnership with the Thomson Foundation, organised an information briefing for visiting journalists from the Southern Caucasus region at the CCMC community space.

Three of CCMC’s Consortium members – the Peace Centre, Hands Across the Divide, and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research – were invited to speak about the nature of their work across the divide, and also offered their insights on, inter alia, the relations between the two main communities, and the prospects for a solution.

The briefing marked the start of a week-long stay on the island for journalists from Armenia and Azerbaijan participating in the European Neighbourhood Journalism Network. This programme aims to develop networks and training opportunities to enable journalists in the Euromed and Eastern European regions to exchange experiences and learn from one another.

“The fact that CCMC and its members were chosen as a first point of call for this visit is an indication of the trust that we have built with international media, in addition to our connections with local media in Cyprus,” said Michalis Simopoulos, of CCMC’s Collaborative Media Initiative. “We believe that civil society organisations island-wide can offer important insights with regards to developments in Cyprus, and we hope to build on our connections at home and abroad to facilitate similar events in the future.”

The event was a precursor of CCMC’s burgeoning partnership with the Thomson Foundation, with whom the Centre will be running a training course this coming March for journalists and civil society activists in online journalism and media literacy.

For more information about the project please visit their website at:


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