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Digital storytelling: CCMC comes full circle 9 December 2010

CCMC was delighted to host a full house on Thursday the 9 December 2010 at its community screening event ‘What’s our story: personal stories from across the island’. The event, which featured the screening of digital stories created in workshops across Cyprus was attended by around 80 people, all there to watch the short films, and to celebrate in the one year anniversary of the opening of the Centre in its premises in Nicosia’s buffer zone.

The films were made within the framework of workshops initiated by Dr John W. Higgins, a US Fulbright Scholar in Cyprus working in digital storytelling and community media. Dr Higgins addressed the gathering by referring back to the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who spoke at CCMC’s opening event a year ago on 9 December 2009. On that day Tutu had said: ‘We believe that [CCMC] has some wonderful stories to tell: the untold stories. We believe there are stories that you are going to magnify. The unheard voices.’

In the time that has transpired since then, CCMC has been working tirelessly to amplify and magnify those unheard stories. The cooperation with Dr Higgins’ Digital Storytelling workshops and the resulting screening is a prime example of this work. The series of workshops involved participants writing, designing and creating engaging short stories using home photographs and basic computer tools. At the core of the creative process was the ‘story circle’ involving a group setting where participants shared and refined each others’ stories. The ‘What’s our story?’ event was a testament to the work of the dedicated individuals who participated in these workshops and who found ways to convey their moments of transformation or personal transcendence – their stories – to a wider, community-based audience.

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CCMC Event 9 December 2010: ‘What’s our story?’ Digital Storytelling Screening

What’s our story?: Personal stories from across the island

Thurs 9 Dec at 5:30pm “A community screening of digital storytelling”

Join your neighbours as we celebrate the screening of their new personal digital stories!  These short, multimedia videos of personal transformation were created in workshops across the island at Highgate School, the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC), and three universities.  The workshops were initiated by Dr. John W. Higgins, a U.S. Fulbright scholar in Cyprus working in digital storytelling and community media.

We will also be celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of the CCMC community space and production studio. Join us for some birthday cake!

At the CCMC & Fulbright Center, near Ledra Palace Hotel, UN Buffer Zone, Nicosia.


BİZİM HİKAYEMİZ NE?: Kıbrıs’ın dört bir yanından kişisel hikayeler

9 Aralık Perşembe, saat 17:30’da “Dijital hikaye anlatımının toplu gösterimi”

Yeni dijital hikeyelerinin gösterimini kutlayan komşularınıza katılın! Kişisel değişimi anlatan kısa mutlimedya videoları, Kıbrıs’ın birçok farklı noktasında -Highgate Okulu, CCMC (Kıbrıs Toplum Medya Merkezi), ve üç üniversitede- gerçekleşen atölye çalışmalarında yaratıldılar. Atölye çalışmaları, Kıbrıs’ta toplum medyası ve dijital hikaye anlatımı üzerine çalışmalar yapan  ABD Fulbright temsilcisi Dr. John Higgins tarafından yürütülmüştür.

Ayni zamanda CCMC (Kıbrıs Toplum Medya Merkezi)’nin toplum merkezinin ve prodüksiyon stüdyosunun açılışının birinci yıldönümünü de kutlayacağız. Doğumgünü pastası için bize katılın!

Birleşmiş Milletler Ara bölgesinde, Ledra Palace Oteli yanında, CCMC & Fulbright Merkezi’nde


Ποια είναι η ιστορία μας; Προσωπικές ιστορίες από όλο το νησί

Πέμ. 9 Δεκεμβρίου στις 5:30 μ.μ.

“Κοινωτική προβολή ‘digital’ αφήγησης”

Ελάτε με τους γείτονες σας καθώς εορτάζουμε την προβολή των νέων προσωπικών ‘digital’ ιστορίων τους! Αυτά τα μικρά φιλμάκια προσωπικού μετασχηματισμού δημιουργήθηκαν σε εργαστήρια σε ολόκληρο το νησί – στο σχολείο Highgate, στο Κέντρο Κοινοτικών Μέσων Επικοινωνίας Κύπρου (CCMC), και σε τρία πανεπιστήμια. Τα εργαστήρια είναι πρωτοβουλία του Δρ John W. Higgins, Υπότροφος Fulbright στην Κύπρο που ασχολείται με την digital αφήγηση και τα κοινοτικά μέσα επικοινωνίας.

Επίσης, θα γιορτάσουμε την πρώτη επέτειο από τα εγκαίνια του Κέντρου Κοινωτικών Μέσων Επικοινωνίας και το στούντιο παραγωγής της. Ελάτε να απολαύσετε την τούρτα γενεθλίων μας! Στο CCMC & το Κέντρο Fulbright, κοντά στο Λήδρα Πάλας, στην ουδέτερη ζώνη της Λευκωσίας.


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Pedal for Peace: Bicommunal Cycling Event

On Sunday 5th December 2010, from 10:30-15:30, there will be a bicommunal cycling event – “Pedal for Road Safety and Peace” taking place within the walls of old Nicosia. The 12km route will include the Paphos and Kyrenia gates. If you want to participate but don’t have your own bicycle, there will be free bicycles available for the ride at the starting point – Fulbright Centre, near Ledra Palace. For further information call +357-97821123 or visit

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