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Paying for news online – a model for Cyprus?

‘The one thing I would say is that what are you seeing here is something at its very early stages, but also a revelation as well as a revolution in journalism’ – John Harding, Editor of the Times

One of the biggest challenges facing newspapers is identifying a viable business model, responding to a trend of declining traditional readership. And while the internet has emerged as an obvious alternative, it has been shown that it has the capacity to fragment audiences, as users no longer rely on one site exclusively as their source of news. The importance of this debate also has resonance in Cyprus, with an increasing number of newspapers upgrading their online service.

The Times of London has announced that, since its ‘paywall’ went up four months ago, it has secured 105.000 sales from people who had paid to access either the Times and Sunday Times websites and/or its iPad and Kindle applications. For a discussion on the topic, you can hear the Editor the Times John Harding speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme here.

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