Peace and Conflict in the Media

In an article on the Guardian website, Roy Greenslade toils with the question of whether journalism dealing with conflict can actually promote peace. Prompted by the findings of a report – ‘Measuring Peace in the Media‘ – he notes that while ‘there appears to be a growing band of people, including some experienced reporters, who think journalism has a responsibility to give peace a helping hand … in practical terms there is clearly a long way to go’.

The report, produced by Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and Media Tenor, ‘which analysed the output of 37 TV news and current affairs programmes from 23 networks in 15 countries, found that what it calls “positive-peace stories” made up just 1.6% of the total’.

Both the findings of the report, and the thoughts of Roy Greenslade, are of particular interest to the Collaborative Media Initiative, a one-year project implemented under the auspices of CCMC, which aims to facilitate an improvement in relationships through dialogue, and increase opportunities for media stakeholders from the two communities in Cyprus to collaborate. For a local perspective on the media and the Cyprus Question, please visit the recent submissions of Marios Demetriou (in Greek) and Hasan Hasturer (Turkish).


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