“One Day on Earth”

“Cypriot Youth bury a Time Capsule on 10.10.10 filled with hope and 10 reasons they think all Cypriots should live together”

Cypriot Youth join United Nations’ effort to capture people’s stories across the world and participate in a global media event and online community to create a shared archive and feature film.

(Nicosia, 11/10/10): Cypriot youth from the CYPRUS NETWORK FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT joined with the CYPRUS COMMUNITY MEDIA CENTRE (CCMC) and thousands of filmmakers from over 190 countries to participate in the “One Day on Earth” project, which captured an unprecedented global video snapshot of a single 24-hour period. Participants, ranging from teenagers with mobile phones to Academy-Award nominated documentarians using the latest HD cameras, filmed the world from their own perspective.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with “One Day on Earth” and, as a result, UNDP offices around the world provided “One Day on Earth” participants with logistical support at local and regional levels.

In Cyprus, the United Nations Development Programme Action for Cooperation and Trust (UNDP-ACT) provided the Cypriot youth from the CYPRUS NETWORK FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT and CCMC with high definition (HD) cameras and guided access to the Nicosia airport where the youth filmed each other while they discussed “reasons all Cypriots should live together”.

Because the filming took place on the special date of 10.10.10, the youth decided to proclaim their “10 reasons” Cypriots should live together, wrote them on pieces of paper and secured them all in a “Time Capsule” which was buried in ceremonial fashion. The youth agreed to come back to the very spot where the time capsule was buried in 10 years time on 10.10.20 to discuss amongst themselves if any of the reasons they had given had transformed into a reality in Cyprus in the future.

The results of this unique global media effort and the filming in Cyprus will be a collage documenting the countless stories of triumph, tragedy, hope and fear that take place each and every day, will be made into a feature-length documentary to be released next year. In addition, all the footage shot as part of the project will be publicly available via an innovative online searchable archive. The scope and range of this material will provide an invaluable resource: a database of films that deal with some of the most important issues facing our global community.


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