1st of September Bicommunal Peace Event in Nicosia


On Wednesday the 1st September, 2010 a bi-communal manifestation for peace and reunification will take place and with this we invite everybody to participate. PEO,  Devi-Is and the Bi-Communal Peace Initiative “United Cyprus” call on all Cypriots to rally along with us on common actions in the months to come for Solution and Reunification.

 The main points of the program:

 7.00pm  Marches from Solomou square in the south and Kyrenia gate in the north

 7.30pm Marches will converge at the stadium opposite Ledra Palace for the joint event


  • Pambis Kyritsis G.S. of PEO
  • Sener Elcil, G.S. KTOS – Bi-Communal Peace Initiative “United Cyprus”
  • Common Declaration by  Dogan Arsehit G.S. Peace Asspciation and Christos Efthymiou Bi-Communal Peace Initiative “United Cyprus”


Pantelis Thalassinos

Umut Albayrak


Bi-communal Choir 

Voula Constantinou

 All artists will work together for a concert to be remembered.


 Main points of joint Declaration in English:The International Day of Action for Peace, in remembrance of Nazi-Germany attack on humanity in 1939 and the millions of victims of Nazism and fascism,  is a call on each one of us to play our part in bringing  peace locally and globally.

Amid the most serious economic crisis since the thirties and while wars and hostilities round the world are constantly taking place, the risk for global wars is ever increasing. The devastation brought about by climate changes, the migration of people in search of more dignified life, the new wave of racism that is spreading,  the rising unemployment, call for concerted action to face up to these problems that endanger peace.

At home, while the effects of the economic crisis are seriously affecting the working people, while nationalism, racism and neo-fascism are on the rise, still the most serious threat facing our country is the ongoing de facto partition. The risk that the current  negotiations taking place may break down leading into a new stalemate, poses the biggest threat for the prospects of peace in  our country.

It is for this reason that we consider that for Cyprus, safeguarding Peace means actively working for the Solution and Reunification of our country. In that respect PEO, Devi-Is and the 50 other organizations comprising the Bi-Communal Peace Initiative “United Cyprus” declare that:

  • The struggle for peace and reunification of our country is our immediate and urgent priority
  • We remain committed to a solution based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on political equality, with a single citizenship, sovereignty and  international personality as defined in the relevant UN resolutions.
  • We call for intensive and constructive negotiations for a speedy solution noting that the passage of time only helps to freeze the ralities on the ground.
  • We stand by  what has already been agreed at the negotiating table in all chapters
  • We call for the immediate demilitarization of the island

PEO,  Devi-Is and the Bi-Communal Peace Initiative “United Cyprus” call on all Cypriots to rally along with us on common actions in the months to come for Solution and Reunification.


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