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“Karpaz is being destroyed”, says CCMC member

The Biologists’ Association, a Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) member, made the news this week, with its strong condemnation of what it calls the “destruction” of the Karpaz national park in the northeast of Cyprus.

“The authorities are distributing the Karpaz national park as presents to some people,” said Niyazi Turkseven, general secretary of the Biologists’ Association. “The area was announced as a national park in 1977, then in 1995 it was declared as a site of historical and environmental importance and in 2007 as a Specially Protected Area. However we are still failing to protect the area.” Mr. Turkseven added that “one of the main reasons for failing to protect the area is because the authorities want to give away valuable land to their allies, supporters and cronies.”

The construction of electricity infrastructure, road widening, filling up of the Ronnas river, and donation of land for a university campus has begun to erode this sensitive ecosystem. “It is just not acceptable to see the authorities destroy an area which is incredibly important for cultural heritage and the environment,” said Turkseven. “It is not only one of the most important sites for Cyprus but it is very valuable for the entire world.”

The Biologists’ Association website

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Cyclists Across Barriers: Karpaz to Akamas 16-25 April 2010

 Cyclists across Barriers is organising a cycle trip from Karpaz to Akamas, Paphos starting this Friday the 16 of April until 25 April 2010.

Gather: Thursday 15 April 2010; late afternoon at Golden Sands Beach, Karpaz. Overnight stay at Big Sands café; camping/beach huts 0533 865 3488 to book bed (tbb)

Cycling Days:

Day 1.     Friday 16th April; 23km cycle from Apostolos Andreas Monastery to Dipkarpaz/Rizokarpaso. Various options to stay.

Day 2.     Saturday 17th April; 40km to Kumyali/Koma tou Yialou. Camping or Notovikla Garden Hotel. Tel:05428517781 (tbb); hotel also rents bikes.

Day 3.     Sunday 18th April; 36km to Kaplica/Davlos Camping or rooms at Kaplica restaurant.  Tel:0090 392 387 2031(tbb)

Day 4.     Monday 19th April; 47km to Alagadi Beach. Camping

Day 5.     Tuesday 20th April; 18km to Girne/Kyrenia. Various options to stay

Day 6.     Wednesday 21st April; 49km from St Hilarion to Guzelyurt/Morfou. Guzelyurt Hotel (tbb) 0533 861 8973

Day 7.     Thursday 22nd April; 35km to Kalopanayiotis; PEO holiday apartments 00357 2286 6405 or 00357 99875655.

Day 8.     Friday 23rd April; 19km to Kykkos Monastery; stay at the monastery 00357 2294 2435

Day 9.     Saturday 24th April; 47km to Lysos Troodos Mountains; Paradise Hills Hotel 00357 2632 2287; +12km downhill, Polis camping/hotels.

Day 10.  Sunday 25th April; 27km to Akamas; return by boat trip (tbc)

If you would like updates or to join all or part of the cycle trip contact:

Aydin Mahmet Ali: 0090 5338606174 or 00357 99958812 or Andreas Michaelides: 00357 96781672

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