Starting up

We are the Cyprus Community Media Centre! Bringing together the voice of civil society from all communities of Cyprus. We aim to create a more vibrant, diverse and representative outlet for interesting stories, campaigns, advocacy and reconciliation work. This covers a wide range of issues, from the environment, to health, youth, gender, human rights, the economy, history, culture, and dialogue. Join us!


4 thoughts on “Starting up

  1. Hi, I was searching for information about the opening of the new CCMC, and I found your blog! Hope to see much more information on here soon. I am going to mention the new CCMC on my website, but cannot find out exactly where in Nicosia it is located. Can you give some details please?

  2. timothy spyrou says:

    Hello. I am a young Cypriot American who is not only a strong supporter of a bicommunal settlement, but also, as a young American Democrat, one who has the same hopes for the world as Jimmy Carter, who is visiting you tommorow. I tried to meet him last year when he came to Cyprus but I wasn’t able to get clearance, and when I tried to send him a letter discussing global issues such as Middle East Peace, terrorism, non-proliferation, climate change, education and poverty, I experienced problems with the porivate postal company in Cyprus. You see, they told me that they had a policy of not handling political mail, only after I had already paid them to deliver it so it was returned within a day of The Elders leaving Cyprus. I would really love to see President Carter, tommorow. Can you please help me? I would appreciate it very much.

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